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Hi, I'm Kieran.

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I'm a Nashville-based digital communications specialist focused on building communities around a shared love.


My expertise lies in social media marketing with a focus on media and entertainment. I have experience in digital analytics using SQL and Python, which has helped numerous artists, festivals, and businesses improve their online presence.


When I'm not busy optimizing digital campaigns, I enjoy indulging my love for 90s boybands and finding the best dumplings in the city.


What I Do

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With over 15 years of experience focused on media and entertainment, my experience in Digital Marketing offers expertise in developing and implementing effective digital strategies to improve your online presence and reach your target audience.

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As a graduate of Nashville Software School, I have experience in measuring the performance of marketing campaigns, websites, and online platforms through a variety of digital analytic platforms, including Excel, SQL, Python, and BI Tooling.

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Occasionally, I provide semi-amusing commentary and deep dives into the world of marketing and pop culture.

Read on for my analyzing why platforms fall apart to what I would do differently if I was in charge of a campaign.

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Nashville, TN




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