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Podcast Favorites of a Non-Podcast Person

I'm gonna be honest, I'm not a huge podcast person in general; I gravitate more towards audiobooks. For me to get emotionally involved in a podcast, it's got to have at least one of two things going for it:

A compelling storyline


Immediately actionable steps to improve my life

I have tried to jump on board so many different trends, but ultimately there are only four that truly hold my heart and AirPods.

Disgraceland by iHeartRadio and Jake Brennan

Music is great, I think that's one of the few things that most everyone can still agree on. The way we connect with songs and artists at various points in our lives defines pivotal moments in our existence. Finding out the stories behind those songs and artists unearths an entirely new layer to that connection. Disgraceland unearths the drama, death, destruction, and disgrace that we know lurks under the surface of the music industry. As they say, that's showbiz.

Slow Burn by Slate

Out of all of these, I probably recommend this one the most. Slow Burn is an episodical series that follows the real-time events of watershed moments in modern history to show how nothing ever happens overnight. Starting with Watergate, the good people at Slate ave four seasons where they meticulously unwrap the Nixon impeachment and resignation, the Clinton sex scandal, the East/West rap feud that surrounded Tupac and Biggie, and David Duke's political rise. If you're a history buff, curious about how the political process works, or enjoy seeing history repeat itself over and over, this one is for you.

The Uncurated Life by Cindy Guntert-Baldo

Cindy is a well-known figure in the paper planning community, and I am a little bit of a fan-girl if I'm honest. Over two years ago, she started this podcast to pull back the curtain on the facade that is prevalent in most cis-female-centric spaces; everything is perfect, organized, and blinding white (in more ways than one...). From interviews with other influencers in the sphere to sharing stories about her real-life realities, Cindy imparts thought-provoking commentary on everything from the culture of "busy" to the rise of the "planner wheat"; all with a healthy dose of F-bombs.

Unf*ck Your Brain by Kara Loewentheil

I stumbled on this podcast at a point in my life where I probably could have used some therapy but it wasn't a financial option at that time (#millennialproblems). There is an episode for everything, from the easy stuff like productivity and realistic positive thinking, to the heavier stuff like anxiety, self-esteem, and whatever the hell is going on in 2020. I wouldn't say it's a suitable replacement for therapy, but it's a good tool to give you the language to better understand and communicate what's going on inside.

If I was to add a fifth member to my team, what would you recommend? Let me know in the comments below.

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